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Common Reader 2015-2016 Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis: Press

News and Reviews

The New York Review of Books Unhappy Days in America” (Nicholas Lemann, 5/21/15)

Washington Post “Politicians must get bolder about treating America’s urban problems” (Michael Gerson, 5/4/15)

The Economist Minding the nurture gap” (3/21/15)

The New YorkerRicher and Poorer” (Jill LePore, 3/16/15)

New York Times. “’Our Kids,’ by Robert D. Putnam(Jason DeParle, 3/4/15)

Brookings Institute “Brookings Scholars’ Take on “Our Kids” (Joanna Venator and Richard Reeves, 6/16/15)

Our Kids

Panel on Poverty with President Obama

Book Talk