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EAGLIT: Searching the EAGLIT

John F Moss Library online catalog


Click on the EAGLIT banner or click "New Search" at the top of the screen to begin searching

When searching, you may choose from the following search functions

  • KEYWORD   a simple keyword search allowing you to view all titles containing a single keyword in any part of that search term.
  • ADVANCED KEYWORD   this search allows you to search for multiple keywords by title, author, and subject.  You can refine your results by limiting the search to available items, physical location of title and publication information.
  • TITLE    title searches may use partial or full title.  Many materials may share the same or similar titles, you may reduce your search to more meaningful results by using the Advanced Keyword search to search both title and author.
  • AUTHOR   type the last name first and the first name last when searching for an author.  You may also search by last name only.
  • SUBJECT   subject search allows you to browse titles pertaining to a subject or related subject and can be most helpful when interested in a particular subject and do not need to search for specific works or authors.
  • CALL NUMBER   each item in the catalog has a unique call number.  If you know the call number, you may search to find more information about that one item, such as availability or location.
  • ISBN/ISSN   ISBN/ISSN numbers are unique to each title, with this number you may search for that one particular item.
  • GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT#   Government documents are listed in the catalog by a numbering system specific to government publications.
  • AUTHOR/TITLE   use this search if you know both the title and author of the item you need.
  • INSTRCUTOR   for items on Course Reserves, you may search by your instructor's name.
  • COURSE    for items on Course Reserves, you may search by course number or title.


For non-electronic resources, the EAGLIT lists titles as belonging to either JFM or PML.  JFM is the John F Moss Library at Texas A&M University-Texarkana, PML is the Palmer Memorial Library at Texarkana College.  You may use materials from both libraries, so note the location of the title.  JFM, head to the shelves.  PML ask that we get the title for you.

With the EAGLIT's new bag feature, you can compile a list of titles to later print, save, or email.  Use this feature to easily create lists and streamline your research.  You can request that items from you bag be place on hold for you to pick up at a later date.

Bag feature:

  • When you locate a title that interests you, click the box next to the title and then click "Add to Bag" link located below the EAGLIT banner.  Or you may click on the title link and then click "Add to Bag"
  • When you have completed searching, click "View Bag" to see the list.  From here, you may choose to request titles to be placed on hold, or you can save the list to your flash drive or email or print your list.

In much the same way, you may create lists and add titles while you search EAGLIT.  As you begin searching, choose "Select List" click "Create a New List" to create list and click "Submit" to save the list.  When a title interests you, click the check box next to the title, select your list, then click "Add Marked to My List", or click "Add to My Lists".  Now your account has a link to your list and you can request titles for pick-up or export them to email, print or save to your flash drive.

Short on Time?

 Need an item from Palmer Memorial Library?  You can request items for pick-up at the JFM Information Desk or you can click on the "Request" link when you are in your search EAGLIT.  Clicking "Request" will take you to a calendar screen where you must select a "need-by" date.  Busy students or faculty on or off campus can also request that a book(s) be pulled from the library shelves and held at the service desk for pickup. This service is also accessed by  the Request link in the EAGLIT.Note: our library servers refresh at midnight, which means requests reflect in our system after  midnight.  Therefore, processing may take up to 48 hours.  If you need the book sooner, please contact the Service Desk at 903-223-3100 for assistance.