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Database Tutorials and How-to Guides: JSTOR

JSTOR Database


JSTOR is an archive of core research journals containing the full text of scholarly journals. The library subscribes to these JSTOR Arts and Sciences Collections: I, II, III, IV, V, and VII with 1,170 journals. Some of the journal issues go back to the 19th century, but there is a gap of typically 1 to 5 years between the most recently published journal issue and the content available in JSTOR. 

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Authentication required.

JSTOR User Aids


This 2-page printable guide answers the ten most frequently asked questions about using JSTOR.

Video Tutorials (Flash)

How to Search JSTOR (6 min)
Learn several ways to search for articles and other items in the JSTOR archive, including using the Advanced Search form.

Advanced Searching on JSTOR (6 min)
This video reviews some tools to use to help construct your search, including wildcards (*, #), quotation marks, term identification, and more.

More Information

JSTOR Help Page
Find additional information on how use JSTOR effectively.