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LibGuides - A Faculty Resource: Overview

A resource guide for faculty

What is a LibGuide?

A new way to organize and showcase library resources and services available to faculty and students for research and study.

LibGuides are a content management and information sharing system designed specifically for libraries providing easy navigation through and instruction on core and relevant resources in a particular subject field, class, or assignment.  

How Can I Request a Guide?

To request a LibGuide, contact the library Dean, Tim Arnold, or one of the librarians: Olivia Poulton, Catherine Dean, or Jennifer Jordan.

Why Use LibGuides?

  • To organize core and relevant resources in your field
  • Can be individualized for a specific course
  • Anything we create is printable, so it can easily be used as handouts
  • We can update information on the page before, during and after you teach a lecture, so students can have access to updated material

Dean of University Libraries

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Tim Arnold
Subjects: Entrepreneurship