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Library Orientation: Library Resources

A general overview of the library's services and resources.


The library has more than you think!

  • Print Books

  • Ebooks

  • EJournals & Online Articles

  • Media Devices

  • Print Journals & Magazines

  • Video or Film Clips

  • Curriculum Kits and Manipulatives

  • Computer Lab and KIC Scanner

  • Study Rooms & Seating

Take a look at the details below!


Print Books

What does “print book” mean?

Books that are physically on the library shelves in Texarkana.  The John F. Moss Library owns approximately 150,000 print volumes

How do I find out what the library owns?

Check the library's online catalog WorldCat Limit format to print books.

When searching, you may choose from the following search functions:

  • KEYWORD-a simple keyword search allowing you to view all titles containing a single keyword in any part of that search term.
  • ADVANCED KEYWORD-this search allows you to search for multiple keywords by title, author, and subject.  You can refine your results by limiting the search to available items, physical location of title and publication information.
  • TITLE-title searches may use partial or full title.  Many materials may share the same or similar titles, you may reduce your search to more meaningful results by using the Advanced Keyword search to search both title and author.
  • AUTHOR-type the last name first and the first name last when searching for an author.  You may also search by last name only.
  • SUBJECT-subject search allows you to browse titles pertaining to a subject or related subject and can be most helpful when interested in a particular subject and do not need to search for specific works or authors.
  • CALL NUMBER-each item in the catalog has a unique call number.  If you know the call number, you may search to find more information about that one item, such as availability or location.
  • ISBN/ISSN-numbers are unique to each title, with this number you may search for that one particular item.
  • GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT# -Government documents are listed in the catalog by a numbering system specific to government publications.
  • AUTHOR/TITLE-use this search if you know both the title and author of the item you need.
  • INSTRUCTOR-for items on Course Reserves, you may search by your instructor's name.
  • COURSE-for items on Course Reserves, you may search by course number or title.

Ejournals and Online Articles

What are e-journals and magazines? 

These are journals and magazines in an electronic format.   

How do I find out what the library owns or has a subscription to for access?

The easiest way is to use the Worldcat Link Resolver link on the library’s Web page.  


Print Journals & Magazines (Periodicals)

What are print journals and magazines?

We currently subscribe to 234 journals, magazines, and newspapers titles in the paper format.  Older issues are sometimes in the microfilm or microfiche format.

How do I find out what the library owns?

Check the library’s Online catalog, Worldcat Discovery.  Each title’s record will indicate the format of the desired resource—paper, microfiche, microfilm, eJournal or bound.


Curriculum Kits and Maniuplatives

Our Curriculum area includes several types of resources that are specifically aimed at supporting education students. We have examples of textbooks and workbooks from local schools, as well as kits, visual aids, puppets, Lego sets, and other educational maniupulatives.

Computer Lab and KIC

The computer lab is in the back of the 3rd floor of the library. Here you can use a computer to study, take exams, write assignments, and send documents to print.

Our Knowledge Imaging Center (KIC) is a scanner for both books and loose papers, and you can use it to scan documents and email them to your Ace email, or save them to a flash drive.

Media Devices

Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera

Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera

Canon EOS Rebel T3i Camera

Canon EOS Rebel T3i 600D digital camera

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Camera

Canon EOS Rebel T6 digital camera


Canon Vixia HF R500 camcorder 


GoPro HD digital video camera : HD hero4

This camera work with Apple only. Number 3 is a selfie stick.

Gropro Hero 5

Headstrap available in #1

Pearstone Rechargable Battery PacK

Double A Battery pack

Extra battery for Coolpix Camera

SanDisk Extreme 16GB

SanDisk extreme pro 16 GB memory card.

Extra memory disk for Coolpix Camera

Canon Battery Pack-718 for Camcorder

Double A Battery pack

Extra battery for camcorder

SanDisk Extreme PRO Memory Card : 32 GB

SanDisk Extreme 32GB/8hr Extra Memory Card for Camcorder

Video Lighting

Neewer LED video light

Ultra high power light panel for digital camera

gel sheets

Neewer LED video light

Red, Light Blue, dark blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, Black

Sunkpak Tripod

Sunpak 6601UT tripod.

Sunpak 6601UT tripod

Verbatim Americas card reader usb 2

Card reader : Verbatim.

Universal card reader

Large rectangular light with knob to adjust mount on the left side and dial to adjust intensity on the right side.

Neewer LED video light

Neewer LED video light

Sony Playstation 4 VR

Virtual reality headset : ZEISS VR ONE Plus

Virtual Reality Headset only

White iPhone on black mount in portrait and landscape mode. Text reads

High quality mobile phone clip

Vastar Universal Smartphone Tripod Adapter fits all phones

Blue phone mounted in landscape mode using adjustable black clamp that reads

Ulanzi ST-02S Phone Tripod Mount

*Tripod NOT included. This is only for the mount, which needs to be connected to a tripod.

3.5 TRRS cable (top left), gray and white furry windsheild (top right), microphone on red and black shock mount with 3.5mm coiled TRS connector (bottom left), black pouch that reads Movo (bottom right)

VXR10 Universal Cardioid Microphone

You may need an Apple lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter if you want to use this microphone with an an iPhone or iPad.


Open book with an red eWhat are eBooks?

eBooks are print books in an electronic format.  The library owns 50,000+ eBooks.

How do I find out what the library owns or subscribes? 

1. Students have access to several eBook collections.  All eBooks purchased by the library are cataloged and accessible through the online catalog, Worldcat Discovery.  (see below for an example of how titles appear in the catalog).  

2. Students can also access to eBooks (owned or subscriptions) by individual vendor interfaces by selecting eBooks format on the A-Z database list.  

Video or Film Clips

What are eVideos and film clips? 

These are are productions in the digital format.   

Students and faculty also have access to AVON: Academic Video Online, a large, multidisciplinary video product with nearly 22,500 videos.




Study Rooms and Seating

study room with computer

We have several areas you can use to study.

  • Study Rooms
    • The library has 4 study rooms that you can check out. They check out for 2 hours at a time, and you can reserve them ahead of time as well (choose the 3rd Floor Commons to access study rooms). Two of the rooms have wall screens and hookups for the screens.
  • The Quiet Floor
    • The 4th floor is our designated quiet floor. If anyone is making too much noise on the 4th floor, please let the 3rd floor service desk know so we can help. There is a lot of seating and desk space on the 4th floor.
  • Open Seating
    • The 3rd floor has tables and couches where you can study individually or in groups. It is not a quiet floor, so discussion groups are welcome.