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Social Work: Overview

A general guide to starting research in the area of Social Work.

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Welcome to the Social Work Library Subject Guide.

Information located within this guide is designed to provide you with a beginning point for your research and class assignments.

The webinar below is a great starting point to using the library's resources for Social Work research.


The field of Social Work contains many smaller topics. If you are just starting to research, you might want to explore a little. Our Gale databases have an interactive "Topic Finder" feature that is extremely helpful for this. To access the Topic Finder, you can choose a Gale database from the list below, and then go to the Topic Finder link.

The scope of what you will find will depend on what database you choose. For example, if you are particularly interested in social work and criminal justice, you would choose the Gale Criminal Justice database.

Gale topic finder demonstration